The King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) organized the groundbreaking International Advisory Board (IAB) in March 2007. The IAB is a very prestigious panel, of senior academic and corporate leaders, which is certainly one of the first and foremost groups of its kind in the region. The IAB is part of KFUPM’s long tradition of bringing a truly international perspective to higher education and research in Saudi Arabia.

The IAB is supporting the University in a variety of ways. To start with, for several years before the IAB came into being there had been a concerted effort on the part of KFUPM to improve the research and educational linkages between the University and important technological companies and academic institutions from all over the globe. That effort continues. In that the IAB membership was selected from world-class organizations, the IAB furthers that long-standing objective.

Therefore, the IAB fills very important advisory functions concerning the University’s internal planning, and its outreach to its peer institutions for new innovations and developments in research and curriculum, academic administration, and providing service to the community.

The IAB features leading experts currently or formerly affiliated with some of the most successful and respected companies and universities. These include British Petroleum, Chevron Corporation, General Electric, Georgia Institute of Technology, Harvard University, KFUPM, Kyoto University, Purdue University, National University of Singapore, SABIC, Saudi Aramco, Schlumberger, Stanford University, Purdue University, University of Chicago, and The Smithsonian Institution.

These individual are well versed in the subject areas relevant to the principal specific IAB objectives. As remarkable as the list of organizations represented is, it is even more impressive to consider the background of the individual members.

Secretary, IAB