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Wolfgang A. Herrmann serves as President, Technische Universitat Muenchen (TUM), Germany, a position he has held since 1995, having been re-elected in 1999, 2005 and 2007. He also served as Professor at the Universitat Regensburg and Chair Professor of Inorganic Chemistry at the Universitat Frankfurt/Main and TUM.

His scientific work has produced more than 720 original publications, numerous review articles and book contributions. More than 170 theses have been developed under his guidance. He is the owner of numerous honorary doctorates from universities in France, Hungary, Romania, the United States, Portugal, Germany, Russia, China and Georgia. He is also the owner of numerous national and international honors, among them the Chemistry Prize at the Academy of Sciences at Goettingen in 1979, the Gottfried William Leibniz Award of the German Research Council in 1986, the Alexander Humboldt Prize in 1989, the Max-Planck Research Prize in 1991, the Italian Chemical Society’s Medal in 1994, the Wilhelm Klemm Award of the German Chemical Society 1995, the ACS Award on Organometallic Chemistry, and many more.

His comprehensive reform work at TUM has led the University to the top-ranks in Germany. For his reform work at TUM, Professor Herrmann received the Bavarian Order of Merit.

Herrmann has held several other positions such as Chairman of the Advisory Board, Duetsches Museum, Munich, since 1998; Chairman of Bavarian University Rectors Conference (2002-2004); Chairman of «Universitat Bayern e.V.,» Member, International Advisory Council, King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (since 2007); Member of the Governing Board of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (since 2008). On the Munich chair of Inorganic Chemistry, he succeeded Nobel-Prize winner Prof. Ernst Otto Fischer in 1985.

Herrmann earned his doctorate in chemistry in 1973 from Universitat Regensburg, in the area of Organometallic Chemistry.